Do you sell lots to the public?

No we only sell lots directly to our approved list of builders.


Are lot prices posted for the public to see?

No we only supply our builders with our lot pricing. Please contact one of our exclusive builders to discuss lot prices and construction of your new home.


Do I have to pay a security deposit?

No, we do not take deposits from the homeowners as the lots are sold through our exclusive builders. Please contact one of our builders to discuss their deposit policy.


Can we use our own builder?

We currently have 8 excellent builders building in The Vista. Please see our "Builders" page for information on our approved builders.


Do I get trees for my yard?

Yes, all R1 lots will get 2 trees, R1N and R1G will get 1 tree for the front yard.


Will I get a fence?

Melcor will supply the back fencing if the yard backs only a green area. We will supply fencing to sideyards only that are on a walk way. Any other sideyard fencing between lots is done that home owners. Please build your fence as per the "Architectual Guidelines" under Community Guidelines.


What are the landscaping requirements of the neighbourhood?

The Landscaping Requirements are located within the Architectural Controls under Community Guidelines. They are as follows: One tree and sod are to be planted by the homeowner in the front yard. At least one additional landscape feature such as a shrub bed, flower bed, rock garden, etc. is also to be provided. Landscaping is to be completed within 6 months of completion of the house or when weather permits. The trees are to be a combination of 2” calliper deciduous or 6’ evergreen trees. Please note that spruce or pine trees only will be accepted for the evergreen requirements. Columnar junipers or cedars are not allowed. Measurement for calliper size will be taken 6” above the ground. Smaller sizes will not be accepted.